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A bespoke service to help you sell or acquire

the best art on the market.


Buying or selling art is a complex task as the market is extremely vast and hard to navigate. Within your budget, we simplify the acquisition process by providing you with: ​

  • Independent advice: based upon historical and aesthetic importance, as well as thorough knowledge of the art market, we give you the necessary insights to acquire the best artworks. 

  • A broad network of international collectors & galleries: US Advisory gives you access to a variety of works from internationally acclaimed and emerging artists, both on the primary and secondary markets for Post-War & Contemporary Art.

  • Guidance: we help you navigate every step of an acquisition or sales process.

  • Collection management: storage, conservation, fiscal matters, transportation, insurance
    and museum loans.

Courtesy of Christie’s

About us

"Art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Over the years, I have developed an appreciation and an experience that enable me to find artworks matching your own aesthetic inclinations. To source them, I am in contact with a rich diversity of artworks through collectors and galleries as well as international fairs and exhibitions.


I also love to share my knowledge of the most recent dynamics at play on the art market and my watch over established—as well as emerging—artists to provide qualified insights. I’ve always been fascinated to understand how aesthetic values and art market dynamics are correlated."


Ugo Scalia graduated from European Business School (Master in Finance). After taking part in several entrepreneurial projects dedicated to online marketplaces for artworks, he decided to found his own art advisory service. 

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

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